Office Dressing Cabinets Models can be easily found under our Stationery / Office and Office Furniture categories. Companies now offer many opportunities to motivate their employees and increase their commitment to the company. Sports facilities offered are also one of them. Some companies; Attachments to a gym, swimming pool or work areas. Sports teachers working in these areas, usually during lunch breaks or evenings and work out the company employees who want to do sports. As a workplace, if we have the appropriate space, we should see the fact that the employees spend half of the day at the computer and prepare such halls for them. Hygiene and sterile environment are very important in such areas. These companies, with many employees, pay extra attention to the cleaning of the gym or pools. Companies with sports facilities such as gyms or pools need to add a changing room. It is necessary to add at least two or three showers, many lockers, one toilet and several sinks according to the number of employees working in the two locker rooms to be added for women and men. Workers who sweat and sweat should take their showers comfortably and then they should be able to meet their needs with materials such as towels, hair dryers which should be kept again. Lockers are usually preferred in wood or metal. Cabinets with a shelf at the top and a hanger under the shelf are common. People who take off their work clothes and wear sportswear, put on their clothes and personal belongings such as phone, jewelry, shoes. The keys of the locker cabinets that are required to be kept on a locker are small and they can hang it on the person, place it on it, or leave it there if there is a place like a bench. These cabinets are designed to be suitable for many people. In this case, the hanger is usually short or the hanger is not present at all. By analyzing the need correctly, you need to choose the most suitable cabinet for your workplace. There is also a room for employees who do not have a gym. Special cabinets should be kept here and people can entrust their belongings to these cabinets when necessary. If you are working on frequent work or even need to spend the night, only rooms that are used as locker rooms are also required. For example, in the workplaces where employees such as hospitals are kept with special clothing, dressing rooms are necessary for the exchange of clothes. In such places, it is a great need for everyone to have their own large lockers.